The Ultimate Guide for Student Recruiters

How to attract, engage & hire Generation Z

The ultimate talent acquisition guide for employers looking for their next superstars

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What’s this eBook about?

Digital natives from birth, Gen Z brings new skillsets, distinct viewpoints and diverse attitudes to the table – and these drive every decision process, from buying new products and services to how they discover their future career paths.

To attract and engage with this new cohort, you are going to have to reassess the way you hire. Our latest ebook holds the answer to redefining your talent acquisition process for Gen Z.

We break down Generation Z like never before – drilling right down into what inspires and motivates them. We also take a look at some of the current recruitment challenges that organisations face when vying for the attention of this mobile-first generation. And in helpful Springpod fashion, we suggest a few easy-to-execute solutions, to step up your talent attraction and engagement strategy.

Chapters include:

  • Who is a typical Gen Zer?
  • What does Gen Z want from an employer?
  • Six steps to raise your recruitment game for Gen Z
  • Building an authentic employer brand
  • How can Springpod help you?

Meet the Authors

Sid Balachandran

Content Marketing Manager at Springpod

Sid Balachandran is the Content Marketing Manager at Springpod, an app that helps STEM employers proactively engage with and recruit early career talent. An experienced content creator, Sid believes well-written content is nothing short of a superpower - one that can change the world, influence people, inspire others and help brands succeed.


Steve Keith

The Branding Man

Steve Keith is a leading employer branding and communication consultant. After leading on marketing and communications for UK apprenticeship opportunities at one of the biggest professional services firms in the world, he now works as The Branding Man with employers and educators to create purposeful communications, brand campaigns and experiences that young people can both understand, and get excited about.

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