The State of Careers Education 2019

Our latest report highlights some of the barriers to students entering the workplace after school and what employers can do to help mitigate these.

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What’s this report about?

What do we need to do differently to get more girls into STEM? How early should we start engaging with future STEM talent to attract them to the workplace? What’s the best way to build a STEM talent pipeline?

We get asked these questions a lot – and understandably so. The shortage of UK STEM skills has reached critical levels and employers play a vital role in bridging the gap between education and employment.

We believe that the answers to these pressing early talent recruitment challenges lie in understanding the psyche of the young people who are still in education. After all, these students are best placed to tell us what they really want.

Springpod’s latest research, The State of Careers Education 2019, surveyed 1500 students in June 2019 from schools and colleges across the UK. From answering questions such as ‘do students really want a career in STEM?’ to revealing what they look for in a future employer, our report highlights some interesting insights into the young talent of today.

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