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Springpod is an early talent attraction, engagement and recruitment platform that enables employers to connect with young people in a smart, relatable way.

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“As a former Secretary of State for Education and Science, I have seen first hand the impact that employers can have on young people’s career trajectories by engaging with them at an early age. Springpod excited me because it solves both sides of the problem – giving employers a powerful way to interact with students from the age of 13 while providing young people access to our leading STEM organisations.”

Kenneth Baker

The RT Hon. Lord Baker of Dorking CH

Springpod Patron

Springpod is transforming the way employers and students connect.

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Build a diverse talent pool

Building a diverse talent pool can be tricky and we feel your pain. Springpod gives you the tools to broaden your reach and convert passive students into opt-in prospects, who are eager to learn more about your early career opportunities. Future-proof your hiring by improving quality and reducing the time of hire.


Engage smarter with prospects

Help improve social mobility and raise the aspirations of thousands of young people, by showcasing your employer brand in a relatable way. Engage proactively with students via video broadcasts. Nurture future talent through interactions with employer ambassadors, and shape a cohort ready to enter your workforce.


Measure the impact of school outreach

How do you measure the impact of careers fairs, skills sessions in schools or on-campus events? Springpod connects your outreach efforts with early career recruitment, by giving you a mechanism to measure the success of each event and follow-up with engaged students proactively.

Only Springpod brings your employer brand
into the classroom.

Here's how we make it happen.

Talent attraction

Brand stories deserve to be shared. With personalised company profiles, Springpod embeds your employer brand within the education curriculum. Through a combination of curated multimedia and visual content, Springpod offers employers the opportunity to take their brand into the classroom to inspire future STEM talent.

Talent Attraction
Talent Engagement

Talent engagement

Long-term engagement is at the heart of everything we do. Using a multi-pronged strategy that includes virtual broadcasts, work experience opportunities and interactions with company ambassadors, Springpod enables employers to nurture future talent. By leveraging the technology that powers our platform, employers can transform passive students into prospective candidates through push and email notifications.

Early career recruitment

Springpod’s talent pool feature helps employers stay ahead of their early career recruitment strategy. The ease of access to a pipeline brimming with high-quality prospects reduces cost and time per hire and enables employers to attract more informed candidates. Unique insights delivered via diverse data points allow employers to headhunt using specific criteria to find that perfect fit for the roles.

Early career recruitment
Pipeline analytics

Pipeline analytics

Using data that drills down to granular levels, Springpod makes numbers talk. Our reports empower employers to analyse the effectiveness of their outreach campaigns and attraction programmes. With a host of data points and information available, employers can tailor reports to focus on precisely what they want to find out.

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